PAYNAS is a cloud platform that provides hassle free banking, HR management and employee benefits in one place, and in a single workflow.


A digital employee & payroll experience.

HR Management & Online Payroll

Benefits Marketplace

Real Bank Accounts & Visa Cards

Platform Integrations


We understand SMEs lack resources to grow, we are resources. You are no longer small.

HR Management

A centralized location where executives can easily manage: Employees documents, Onboarding, Recruitment, Attendance & Leave, Performance. No paperwork required. No hours wasted.

Banking & Payroll

Can’t open real bank accounts for your employees? PAYNAS gets it done for you. Now, you can provide a visa powered PAYNAS debit & credit cards for your employees. Making payroll as easy as click, click, done.

Benefits Marketplace

Small number of employees leaves you barehanded in front of high rates of insurance, commuting and other benefits. Being in PAYNAS network gives you all the rates you thought you can’t have them.

Helping You Focus on What Matters.

Our dashboard enables you to track important data for each of your employees separately such as title, hiring date, payslip, personal details and more.
With geolocation and geofencing features, PAYNAS timesheets and reports in the cloud will enable you to monitor and improve your teams' productivity & efficiency.
As easy as “click, click, done” experience. Stay up to date on earnings, deductions, and taxes without lifting a finger.


We partner to empower business to thrive.